Volunteer work / Corona pandemic

Currently we are living into the Corona virus world from last December 2019. After this pandemic everywhere lockdown been happened to fight against Corona virus doing social distances and staying at home. And we should only hope the Corona virus will end soon.

During the pandemic what happened the tourism sector in Nepal?

The tourism went to been totally effected not only in Nepal but everywhere on the world. That effect travel /tour / international and domestic flights and other more sectors. Now in Nepal we still in the red zone and still not open the flights and travel & tour hotels are closed and trekking route are also closed. During this pandemic in Nepal more than 20.00.000 people are went be jobless from tourism sector. Hotel, travel & tour, trekking, airlines, related tourism organizations this are big hit from this covid-19.

We Volunteer Nepal are also working into the small part of tourism industry here in Nepal. And we are the organization who working with international volunteers and we dedicate the volunteer from around the world. We Volunteer Nepal and our program run and we are totally depended to the fees from volunteer who paid small amount of the program. We know everybody are in difficult situation and Now we are also in difficult situation and we are in difficult to run our social project / humanitarian project here in Nepal.

We are expecting from the international volunteer / international donor to help our social project / humanitarian project into the future. Let’s keep in touch and rise up tourism again 🙂