Volunteer Project 2020 in Nepal

WVN is always working in community project around the Nepal which is benefit of 100% to the community. Our volunteer project 2020 in Nepal including working in Education, Health, Environment and Agriculture, Animal.

Volunteer Project 2020 in Nepal must active project is;

Teaching in Community School:

Children and youth are the future of the nation. Different Resource Centers were set-up in small communities to offer educational opportunities to some of the poorest regions in Nepal. The Center, often known as Libraries, are there to help the local children improve their English and learn from the many International cultures that the volunteers bring through WE VOLUNTEER NEPAL. The children attend before and after school and educational games and singing and dancing are a great way to get into the spirit of Nepal. Volunteers do not need teaching qualifications to partake in this program, just a passion for children and having fun! Children enjoy new experiences as much as we. So, anything you can bring from home to show them how your life works and culture differs is beneficial. The locations of our Resource Centers ensures total immersion into Nepali life and its culture. Our host families are all located within walking distance of the Resource Centers and the villagers also aid the early morning routines with hot cups of “CHIYA” (Nepali tea). The time spent in the village creates a real sense of community, you live close by, walk through the village everyday, you become part of their lives for a while and with the local festivals and the occasional wedding to attend there is no end to how immersed you become in village life. If that is not enough to satisfy your needs there are local schools we support who are always more than welcoming to receive help from international volunteers. You can give as much or as little time as you like, and classes normally revolve around a curriculum unlike the Resource Center where you are free to make your own lesson plans and bring your own ideas and games to the children.

Volunteers are also welcome to teach different subjects e.g. mathematics, history, science, geography, computer, technologies, music and other subjects. All higher education in Nepal is in English, so it is vitally important that children must learn English to continue further higher education.

Teaching in Buddhist Monastery:

Volunteer to teach young monks with unique opportunity to learn about their lifestyle in a fascinating monastery. You can experience the monastery life in one of the world’s most spiritual countries. Nepal has many spectacular Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries house have hundred of Monks enrolled in the life of Monkhood from early in their lives. They study and live in the monastery. They mostly use Tibetan language only during their study and their chances of learning English are very limited.

Teaching English to Buddhist monks is an excellent opportunity for volunteers who are interested in Buddhist and culture. Volunteers will also have wonderful opportunity to learn Vajrayana from Buddhism and witness colorful rituals and prayers. As a volunteer in teaching English to Buddhist monks project you will work in the monastery where you will teach English to the monks. during the teaching you will be encouraged to converse with monks to improve their speech . You will also teach them about grammar rules and try to increase their vocabulary. you will work in the monastery where you will place accommodation eating and studying. The monasteries are usually very spacious . A central building will house prayer room . And volunteers should also be flexible practical self motivated and open minded to learn new culture.

Teaching and Assisting Orphans in Orphanage home:

Orphanage Volunteer Nepal and Volunteering in an orphanage is one of the best programs in Nepal. Volunteers will work to give orphaned children & infants healthy, secure and constructive lives. Nepal has a slow developing economic and the recent earthquakes have only made things worse for the people of Nepal. Poverty has seriously affected the people in Nepal, and their ability to provide for their children. Thousands of people die from poverty, leaving behind many orphaned children. The situation is even worse in rural villages.

Volunteers will be live at the orphanage or live with Nepali host families during the duration of their program.Our host families are extremely gracious and kind.The family provides a friendly place to stay and delicious food. Staying with a host family is a wonderful way to learn about local Nepali culture and lifestyles.

Volunteers will be work to better the lives of the children by taking care of their needs.There are no specific requirements for the program. However, helpful qualities are patience, a sense of humor, and a genuine desire to teach and help the children. Volunteers may be required to help in other ways besides simply working with the children. For example, volunteers can help with medical visits, cleaning, reading, gardening, helping the house mother clean and cook, doing repairs, mending clothing, and planning activities for after the children return from school. In addition to being very rewarding, these placements can be physically and emotionally demanding. The volunteer’s role is at the orphanage is to be a big brother or sister to the children . Volunteers can bring along teaching materials such as picture books, instruments, flash cards, arts supplies and songs. It is also useful to have sweets or chocolates to reward the children when they do well in class.

Volunteer task in the Orphanage

Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage itself signifies a high level of responsibilities for those joining this program. The Volunteer working for the orphanage program in Nepal includes.

Rendering invaluable help by giving love and affection to the children
Act as an older sibling to the children
Teaching them basic conversational English
Helping them in their school subject
Guiding them about personal hygienic and Sanitation
Taking them out on small excursions
Engaging them in extra curricular activities
Doing administrative work with the Orphanage staff.

Working in Community Health, Working in Hospital, Working in clinic:

This project includes working with trained medical staff at a government hospital or private clinic. You will be supporting the staff in their daily routines at every stage of patient care. Whether you have basic medical knowledge or are a licensed physician, we can pair you with a project that best fits your skills and needs.

Health and medicine Volunteer work for Public health and medical, hospital assistance also volunteer can work with children for their health sanitation. You will work remotely in Nepal go to project site and work with senior doctor however you have to study nursing or other field of Medical.

Health and medicine project in Nepal help is important from medical volunteer cause a lot off 1st year medical student will participate to medical who don’t professional and if international volunteer are senior then 1st year medical student volunteer can assist them to be stronger.

Food and housing during orientation is included, as well as transportation to and from the volunteer project. When you are at your volunteer project, you will be staying with a Nepali host family. You will be provided accommodation, food, and a first-hand learning experience of Nepali culture. Be prepared to eat and live like a Nepali! It is a wonderful, eye-opening experience you will forever remember. Our staff will contact you each week to check in and make sure the home-stay and project are going well.

Educational Requirements and Project Skills
Applicants interested in joining our volunteer health program in Nepal must possess healthcare certification, such as an ID as a medical student, EMT, paramedic certification, nursing or physician’s credentials. We do not permit volunteers without medical credentials to work in this program due to the potential risk. The projects require a copy of volunteers’ resumes, clearly documenting credentials and education, before arrival at the project. Projects will also require an official copy of credentials.

Your Responsibilities as a Volunteer
Your responsibilities as a volunteer in the healthcare program in Nepal will vary greatly depending on your individual skills and qualifications. Volunteers working in the healthcare and medical program will assist local doctors and medical staff and activities may include:

Providing basic care
Assisting doctors and nurses with patients
Administering medicines
Learning from doctors and nurses
Recording patient details
Taking vital details such as height, weight, blood pressure, etc.
Promoting disease prevention
Organizing and leading educational workshops and training
Assisting with vaccinations
Observing basic functions of clinics and hospitals
Traveling to remote locations to help provide care to rural Nepalese
Aiding doctors, nurses and local staff with anything they may need
Maintaining and cleaning hospital/clinic areas.

Working in Farm (Agro farming with local farmer):

Welcome to agriculture and organic farming in Nepal. Nepal is an agriculture biased country main source of food, income and employments for the majority are agriculture about 80% population live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for livelihood. Our mission is to minimize the negative impact on environment, economically empowering the society and grows healthy foods through the bio-dynamic philosophy.

If you are interested to know about organic farming training and techniques, get involve in agriculture volunteer in organic farm Nepal. Farming volunteer abroad program are design to promote organic farming and benefits of sustainable farming between farmers. Student, researchers, individuals and organic food consumers. Organic farming volunteer work in local organic farms with local farmers in Nepal and experiment about organic farming method. Beside work on an organic farm opportunity we assist foreign and local people to established organic farm in Nepal.

Opportunities to farming volunteer on organic farm are good way to help farmers of community while gaining valuable experience international organic farming internship for volunteer farming and sustainable living. Working volunteer on organic farm volunteers live together with local host farmers family, learn agriculture practices carried out by them since ages and take part in organic farming jobs in organic farm Nepal. Choose suitable community service and organic farming volunteer project and get involve in agriculture practice in Nepal to make world better place to live.

Working with Animal (Elephant care):

The elephant care project provides refuge to domesticated elephants that have been used in the logging and tourism industries”

The southern part of Nepal is plain where there is thick jungle and live different kind of wild animals. Chitwan National park is very famous for jungle safari programs. Chitwan national park is an exciting and diverse wildlife haven. chitwan national park is located at 175 kilometers south west of Kathmandu. It provides excellent opportunities to view rare species such as the sloth bear, bison, leopard and the elusive tiger. The common species such as deer, rhinoceros and wild boar are in abundance. 800 species of exotic birds including Giant Hornbill, lesser florican and paradise flycatcher.

The Elephant care project provides refuge to domesticated elephants that have been used in the logging and tourism industries. You want to support the team in caring for the rescued elephant at the center. Many of those arrive with severe health problems and scares of previous abuse of animals. Volunteers raise awareness of these issues and what can be done to help them.

Explore the beautiful city of chitwan national park and visit Nepal’s largest national park and see some more wonderful wildlife.

Volunteer role: What do you want to do?

Each day will be different and Elephant care volunteer tasks may include.

Feeding and giving water to the Elephant

Help with the cleaning of the enclosures

housing down and washing the elephants

harvesting and collecting food etc..

Who can join This program?

Everybody who can strong interest with caring animals. Volunteer must be 18 years old in this program.

Our placement is truly and exciting place where volunteer can make a real difference. Our placement is located in Kathmandu, ,chitwan and pokhara.

If you are thinking of volunteer project 2020 in Nepal then you must welcome to Nepal for support our social project.

For more please get in touch with us at info@wevolunteernepal.org