Volunteer in Nepal don’t cancel but postpone!

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Volunteer in Nepal UPDATE: As of 1st December 2019 is found first case in Wuhan china, and during 31st of July 2020 Nepal has discovered a Corona patient that arrived in Nepal. The country is has therefore gone in Lockdown. Until today 24th of April 2020 the Corona virus (covid-19) around the world are affected 17,482,602 people and already death 676,835 of people in Nepal 19547 people are get effect from Corona in 31st of July 2020.

The Corona virus has taken over the world. Of course, we could never have imagined this… In this article I Here are some insights and tips about the situation and give some tips and tricks on how to prepare for your future adventure in Nepal.

The Nepal borders are closed
Nepal is one of the countries where Corona has not yet been discovered. To prevent Corona from coming into Nepal, the government has taken drastic measures. One such measure is that no tourist can enter Nepal anymore untill half of August. Nepalese entering the country must be quarantined. At this moment there is therefore no possibility to come to Nepal.

Don’t cancel your trip but postpone it!
Although this “lockdown” is necessary to stop the spread of the Corona virus, the economic consequences going to hit Nepal hard. The economy is down and the consequences will be felt in almost every industry in Nepal. Think of all the shops and businesses that are focused on tourism, hotels, restaurants, transportation and much more. The Nepalese government’s campaign to attract tourists called #visitnepal2020 has been halted. We Volunteer Nepal’s projects are also in danger, as fewer funds come in through volunteers. But you must read the news and see the news videos to be know what happening around the world.

The Volunteer world articles will help you to get more information please read this article from volunteer world links



When Covid-19 is over we need you!!
Don’t forget: once this situation is over, you will be needed more than ever! Our projects now receive very little input and help. They will continue at a slow pace, and will only grow and improve again when you come to travel and/or volunteer!

When Corona is over, tourism, volunteering and knowledge sharing will continue! The Nepalese will pick up the economy again and will then need your help. Do you want to orientate yourself already for your future time in Nepal? Take a look at the various volunteering options and our videos today. And when traveling is considered safe again, we will work with you to find a suitable and responsible start date.

So be patient and join us in Nepal when Corona is over!
Despite this unpleasant situation for the whole world, the Nepalese try to make the best of it. We hope you will do the same. We need your support and See you in Nepal!