volunteer for children

We Volunteer Nepal always working in the community basis and social project in Nepal. The project to help alleviate global poverty and travel in a meaningful way. Do not just travel as a tourist, immerse yourself into the local culture and make a difference by giving back to those who need it. Volunteering abroad is a great travel tourism idea that has for reading impacts on both, the participants and the ones receiving the help, It is a great way to earn some good karma, hone one’s skills, learn new things and all of it while traveling to far flung locations. It is a great exposure, personally and professionally. Voluntary work is a unique way to spend your time abroad, as you can until you immerse yourself in its day to day life whilst doing in Nepal.

volunteering for  Children is one of the best project where volunteer take part and donate their time with children. “Learning starts from right at birth child care at the early childhood development program fosters a congenial learning environment for children of 3 to 5 years of age to develop motor, mental, social and emotional skills.”

For this project volunteer can take part of the school, orphanage and teach younger children. You can give as much or as little time as you like, and classes normally revolve around a curriculum unlike the Resource Center / school where you are free to make your own lesson plans and bring your own ideas and games to the children. Volunteers are also welcome to teach different subjects e.g. mathematics, history, science, geography, computer, technologies, music and other subjects. All higher education in Nepal is in English, so it is vitally important that children must learn English to continue further higher education.
Help Yourself by Helping Others!!
Volunteering also lets you see your own life in new ways. Sometimes it’s easy to worry about stuff like grades or get annoyed because you don’t have the most expensive sneakers or the newest computer game. Volunteering lets you spend some time focusing on others for a while.

Lots of people and kids find that they really enjoy volunteering. Volunteer experiences often put you in a different environment and expose you to people and situations that you wouldn’t have come across in your regular life. For instance, you might learn that just on the edge of your town are some kids who really need winter clothes.

It feels good to be able to meet a need like that. You’ll know that, thanks to you, some kids have warm coats, hats, mittens, and boots. So whether it’s winter clothes, food for the hungry, or homes for unwanted pets, doing volunteer work means one very important thing: You make a difference in the world.

Getting Started
Some of you may already know about volunteering and service through Volunteer Abroad organization, Religious organizations, like churches, synagogues, and mosques, also organize volunteer and charity work. School and orphanage is another good place to start if you’re looking for volunteer ideas. Ask a teacher, school counselor, or librarian for ideas. Your local parks department also might have some suggestions for how to volunteer abroad.