Sangay choeling Buddhist Monastery (Amlekhgunj)


Dear values international and local volunteers We Volunteer Nepal is always working in social base volunteer project which is included Education sector in Community school, private school and Buddhist monasteries around Nepal. And we always welcome our volunteers to our project. recently we have found one new volunteer project to teach younger nuns in the Buddhist monastery here in Sangay choeling Bouddha gumba in Kathmandu. The placement will be give you fresh pure vegetarian food and accommodation. The application fees are 100 euro .

Sangay choeling Buddhist Monastery

This small nunnery would like a volunteer for all round year. If all goes well, the volunteer could extend for as long as they have a visa (if applicable). share room and share bathroom are arranged as well as vegetarian meals
will be provided  at the monastery.
The volunteer will be required to teach English, ideally based on conversational
skills, for three groups. Each group to have 1hr class a day, 5.5 days a week (on the half day there will be
discussion whether all groups will have their class)
There are already some Headway English and other books available, but the focus is
on verbal communication.
There is no existing syllabus therefore the volunteer should have previous
experience planning lessons and know how to use different teaching methods and
If a foreigner: should have qualification to teach English as a second language.

If a Nepali national: should have a relevant English language qualification and a teaching qualification.
There will be a room with a whiteboard. If other materials are needed, the volunteer
should discuss with the senior nuns to see if they are already available or can be
bought, but there is no guarantee that funds for materials will be available.
Obviously there will sometimes be need for pujas and other religious activities,
which will take precedence over English class. Therefore the volunteer should
always keep in touch with the senior nuns to check what the schedule is for coming
weeks and days. Since it is a nunnery, female candidates are preferred. Male candidates will be
required to provide criminal/ police records check documents (or equivalent from their country) for child safety reasons.

Since this nunnery’s original base is in Makawanpur, at the end of the volunteer period, or free time activities
the volunteer might like to visit Makawanpur gadhi, Daman, sahidsmriti tourist park or chitwan national park etc..,

This will be at the volunteer’s own
expense but I can advise on how to travel up (get permits for foreigners) etc. You will probably be able to stay at the nunnery. (If you travel with friends it may not be appropriate to stay at the nunnery or must to ask the organization).
There can be no adjustment for special dietary needs, what ever is prepared is what is available. Do not eat your own food in front of others without offering. To supplement your diet or if you need some variety you can go to the guest house below the nunnery or other local restaurants.

Please be responsible for your own health if eating out. Its a nunnery, expect early morning wake up trumpets or drums.

Don’t expect much privacy. Nepalis will think something is wrong if you want to be alone.  don’t expect hot showers in the Monastery!

Some Nepalese language would be beneficial (beyond the WVN orientation), as would interest in

Be respectful of our practices even if you don’t understand them. Do not sit on or step over texts, books (including
English books), prayer flags or images of Buddha or other teachers.
Proselytizing is illegal in Nepal.

Dress, language and behavior are important. Please wear modest clothes
around the Monastery, the teenagers are impressionable and the local villagers
get their information about foreigners from TV/ online. Do not come back
smelling of cigarettes or alcohol.

Someone who has other projects, reading, walking, photography, sketching,
meditation, yoga, writing etc. would be well suited to this post.

The need to hang out in tourist bars for WIFI (Wi-Fi is available at the monastery ) or to be with other foreigners suggests this
would not be a suitable placement for you.

Please do not bring guests without permission or presume they can stay over
or join for meals.

This is a unique opportunity to observe the life of a modern nunnery, rooted
in traditional values and culture located in a village setting.

Be aware that while most nuns make a conscious decision to join, it may not
always have been under easy circumstances. The very young ones may not
have made the decision themselves. While some organizations dwell on telling
stories of monks and nuns from impoverished backgrounds, please do not
encourage this.

Ultimately the pre-teen and teenager girls are just that. They are novices. Do not
expect model saintly behavior.

Rural Nepal is patriarchal and discriminatory for many reasons an outsider
will rarely understand, please don’t think you are coming to Shangri-La

Our home nunnery is in Amlekhgunj, South region,

Accommodation: Simple room with simple bed in Monastery / don’t expect hot shower/ Shareable toilet and bathroom .

Food: local or Tibetan food with nuns in the monastery

Starting volunteer date: All round year

Total Expenses Euro please visit program fees page:

Application is necessary:

There will be a minute complete your online application and submit to us we will get in touch as soon as possible.


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