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This project includes working with trained medical staff at a government hospital or private clinic. You will be supporting the staff in their daily routines at every stage of patient care. Whether you have basic medical knowledge or are a licensed physician, we can pair you with a project that best fits your skills and needs.

Health and medicine Volunteer work for Public health and medical, hospital assistance also volunteer can work with children for their health sanitation. You will work remotely in Nepal go to project site and work with senior doctor however you have to study nursing or other field of Medical.

Health and medicine project in Nepal help is important from medical volunteer cause a lot off 1st year medical student will participate to medical who don’t professional and if international volunteer are senior then 1st year medical student volunteer can assist them to be stronger.

Food and housing during orientation is included, as well as transportation to and from the volunteer project. When you are at your volunteer project, you will be staying with a Nepali host family. You will be provided accommodation, food, and a first-hand learning experience of Nepali culture. Be prepared to eat and live like a Nepali! It is a wonderful, eye-opening experience you will forever remember. Our staff will contact you each week to check in and make sure the home-stay and project are going well.

Educational Requirements and Project Skills
Applicants interested in joining our volunteer health program in Nepal must possess healthcare certification, such as an ID as a medical student, EMT, paramedic certification, nursing or physician’s credentials. We do not permit volunteers without medical credentials to work in this program due to the potential risk. The projects require a copy of volunteers’ resumes, clearly documenting credentials and education, before arrival at the project. Projects will also require an official copy of credentials.

Your Responsibilities as a Volunteer
Your responsibilities as a volunteer in the healthcare program in Nepal will vary greatly depending on your individual skills and qualifications. Volunteers working in the healthcare and medical program will assist local doctors and medical staff and activities may include:

Providing basic care
Assisting doctors and nurses with patients
Administering medicines
Learning from doctors and nurses
Recording patient details
Taking vital details such as height, weight, blood pressure, etc.
Promoting disease prevention
Organizing and leading educational workshops and training
Assisting with vaccinations
Observing basic functions of clinics and hospitals
Traveling to remote locations to help provide care to rural Nepalese
Aiding doctors, nurses and local staff with anything they may need
Maintaining and cleaning hospital/clinic areas

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