Volunteering Abroad

We Volunteer Nepal offer a wide range of medical volunteer abroad projects in Nepal. We can organise a variety of health related placements including nursing, physical therapy, midwifery, dentistry, paediatrics and surgery in Nepal. Volunteering abroad in Nepal start very flexible start dates throughout the year and participants can join us from 2-20 weeks. Volunteers are provided with an extensive pre-departure support service, airport pickup, orientation, meals, accommodation, project transportation and local support throughout their placement. The majority of participants are first-time solo travellers, therefore safety and support is our top priority to ensure you have a positive experience volunteering overseas.

WVN’s medical volunteer programme, volunteering abroad in Nepal offers a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and insight into the Nepalese health care system. This programme allows you to learn from local staff and get involved in supporting them. Nepal is the home of Beauty of Himalaya. This land is one that still revolves very much around culture and religion. Though healthcare has developed tremendously over the last decade, Nepalses people are still deeply rooted in their customs and religious beliefs; especially regarding healthcare. Joining on the medical project in Nepal will open your eyes to the traditional beliefs of healing along with the evolving care of Western medicine within this region.

We place volunteers at Narayani samudaik hospita which is a communty hospital based in the middle of Chitwan, Nepal. This facility consults nearly 500 patients each day providing a vast opportunity for volunteers that join this medical programme. The departments that the hospital is home to include: Paediatrics, Pre- and Post-surgery, High Care Unit, Maternity, intensive Cardio Care Unit and Intensive Care Unit, Emergency.
Your level of involvement at the project is dictated by medical experience, duration of programme and willingness to get involved. The medical staff are accountable for you whilst you’re under their supervision, so it is completely up to them if you are permitted and want to get involved in hands-on procedures. Whilst previous WVN volunteers have been given the chance to administer IV injections, dress wounds etc, we can never guarantee or promote hands-on involvement for participants regardless of their medical experience or background.
The local team may be able to arrange a seminar upon request with a local healer. This will better explain how culture plays a key role in the care of each patient and how medical professionals apply care to cater to these beliefs. Aside from this, the hospital staff often welcome WVN medical volunteers to participate in any weekly staff meetings as and when they occur. Examples of things discussed in these meetings include talking about the logistics of the hospital and care-plans for individual departments.
The local staff at the hospital will also be intrigued in understanding the care provided in your healthcare system so be encouraged to communicate around this where possible. While the Nepalese people are welcoming you into their place of work please be open to their beliefs and culture as they will be open to yours. Please be aware that while you are on this programme you will be placed in a specific department for a set duration of time and/or on a specific rota. The departments you are placed within will be done either to cater to your interests or decided by the hospital at the time dependent on what and who is available. Across your time on the programme, you will have the opportunity to spend time across many of the departments that the hospital is home too. The local team will give you your timetable during your orientation period. Volunteers are advised to note that the hospital will not permit applicants who are NOT studying medicine or nursing at university. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule.